Anti-Prison Demo Shut Down

July 29, 2010 at 9:29 pm (Uncategorized)

On Sunday, June 27, 2010, there was an anti-prison demo called “Fire Works For Prisons” organized as a part of the mobilization against the G20 in Toronto. The anti-prison demo was organized by anarchists, and explicitly called for confrontation. This demo did not happen. The day previously, Saturday June 26, there had been major protests in the downtown core, and a break-away march including a black bloc destroyed dozens of storefronts and burned multiple police cruisers.

Immediately following the riots on Saturday afternoon, the police used many tactics of repression to ensure that all dissidents were overpowered. They raided spaces that people were staying, arresting anybody with black clothes. They attacked a jail solidarity demo on Saturday night. They illegally searched hundreds of people all over Toronto, arresting anybody who appeared like they might be a protester.

On Sunday, the police had cordoned off the whole neighbourhood around the meet-up park for the anti-prison demo, searching and arresting many people. Two busloads of SWAT team and riot cops were waiting at the Don Jail with armour and weapons. A helicopter circled over the park consistently all night Saturday and all day Sunday. There were hundreds, maybe over 1000 riot police on horses and in buses blocking off major streets near the park, with the most force on Queen St. E.

People were arrested for having banners, megaphones, wearing black pants, having black clothes and masks in their bags, etc. The entire neighbourhood was crawling with undercover pigs. This was the most effective and intense show of police force to prevent a demonstration from taking place that many of us have ever experienced. By the end of Sunday, the police had arrested over 1000 people. The disgusting conditions that people experienced in the temporary detention center nicknamed “Torontanamo” enrage us, but do not surprise us. We do not expect the police to treat people with respect when clearly their job is to violently repress, isolate, dehumanize, and control.

It is with a spirit of revolutionary solidarity that we continue a struggle against prison. Although it is disappointing that this demo did not happen, we are not defeated. This experience has only increased our motivation and fueled our desire to destroy the prison-world.

All Cops Are Bastards   ///   Destroy All Prisons


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